Wasps & Hornets


Wasps and hornets sting repeatedly while bees don’t. The two main pest species in Australia are the Bald Faced Hornet and the Paper Wasp.

Wasps & Hornets are larger than bees, have black bodies with a coloured (yellow, white or red) stripe, and make their nests in trees, shrubs and occasionally building overhangs.

The Yellow Jacket is a medium to large wasp that is yellow (or white) with black markings. They can nest in trees, shrubs, buildings, or most commonly in the ground.  Read More

The European Hornet is a large hairy wasp that’s middle body section is red-brown and its tail has a pattern similar to a yellow jacket. European hornets often come to porch lights at night they will also chew the bark off of small trees. Read More

Baldfaced hornetThe Balffaced hornet is a large wasp that has a white face and black and white markings on their body similar to yellowjackets. Read more

The Paper Wasp is a long slender wasp that has long legs. The Paper wasp builds paper umbrella type nests in protected places on the outside of buildings.  Read More