The Field (or House) Mouse may sound cute to some but you still don’t want it in your house. Other common rodents include the Roof Rat and the Norway rat. Rats and mice are mammals, distinguished by their front incisor teeth.  It is because their teeth do not stop growing that causes them to constantly gnaw to keep their growth in check. In the home, there are many materials that they can gnaw on: food, furniture and books, they can also do serious damage to electric cables. Apart from eating your food, they can also ruin what’s left by contaminating it with their urine, faeces and hair.

The greatest fear, for both humans & animals, is that rats and mice are capable of transmitting diseases. Rats and mice can quickly reach plague proportions in the right conditions. Female rodents can start reproducing at three months of age. If you suspect you have rats and mice then prompt action needs to be taken. Signs of rodent activity include droppings, half-eaten food, gnaw marks, odour and stains from their urine.