What areas do u cover?

We cover all areas in Sydney, offering a 24hrs service for your convenience.

How far in advance do I have to book?

Bookings need to be made one or two days in advance.

What happens in the event of cancellations?

Notification should be given within 24 hours. If shorter than 24 hours a small fee may apply.

Are you insured?


What is your postal address?

PO Box L135 Mount Lewis NSW 2200

When do u require payment and what forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is due on completion of the job. We only accept cash or cheque.

Do you work on public holidays?

Yes. Public holidays and weekends are by appointment only.

Carpet Cleaning
Will hot steam cleaning damage my carpet?

No! Steam cleaning using hot water extraction is the method preferred by many leading carpet manufacturers. It’s considered by many to be the best method of removing embedded soils.

How often shall I clean my carpets?

Your carpet should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year and as soon as possible after the carpet has been soiled or stained. Correctly cleaning and maintaining your carpet the life of your carpet is extended. When you allow dry soils to build up in your carpet pile the unseen bacteria and allergens cause permanent fibre damage.

Will carpet cleaning remove all spots and stains?

It depends on whether it is a spot or a stain. A “spot” is a substance that has stuck to the carpet fibre and has not become permanent. A “stain” is a substance that has altered the fibre colouring and/or the composition. A spot that is not treated in time or correctly will probably become a stain. Dirt Busters carries a range of spot treatments and will provide the necessary advice.

Can the carpet be walked on right after it has been cleaned?

Yes. Our powerful equipment extracts the majority of the water immediately from the carpet fibres. The surfaces below the fibres should not get damp.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry after cleaning?

Carpets should be completely dry within 2 to 4 hours if steam cleaned. It depends on the air-flow and humidity. Dry Cleaning takes around 30 mins to dry.

Pest Control

Do I need to empty the cupboards in my kitchen?

You will need to ask your pest controller, but generally, no, it’s not necessary to empty cupboards as we apply a gel to areas that cockroaches are likely to visit. The use of liquid sprays in these areas is rare.

What about our cat and dog – Are they safe?

Yes, your cat or dog should be removed from the premises for atleast 4 hours.

I’m not sure what type of pest I have?

The best way is for a pest controller to identify it.

What do I need to wash after the treatment?

Ask your pest controller, but in most cases there is no need to wash anything after your treatment.

Should I stay at home, or leave, when you spray?

It’s best to consult your pest controller, but generally they will recommend you leave you house/office will the treatment is being done. They may ask you to ventilate the premises after the treatment for a couple of hours.

After you treat our house, we are seeing quite allot cockroaches and ants – Is that normal?

Yes, you may find that they have come in contact with the treated area and will die shortly after.

Is there any preparation I need to do before the pest control treatment inside?

Move all items off the floor, and off bench tops – I may also help move as much away from the skirting boards as possible. Ensure that all food products are moved or covered.

How often should I have a Pest Control treatment done?

This really depends on where your house is located and what your pest density. Consult your pest controller, but generally it is recommended to spray once every 12 months.